Friday 9 June 2017

When is a blog not a blog?

A visitor to the betterFX website recently commented that having a blog with no recent posts was no way to carry out a social media strategy (or words to that effect)

He is absolutely right of course, but in this case, it's mostly for the right reasons. We are just too busy helping clients with their forex and related challenges to indulge in the delights of blogging...and we don't yet have the luxury of a dedicated resource for such things.

Funnily enough my last post was just after the shock Brexit referendum result, so in a way its fitting that this next post comes hot on the heels of another political earthquake and another Conservative PM's shocking miscalculation. TM could have had another 4 years with a moderate but workable majority, but now look!

More volatility on FX markets will follow, and as Brexit looms, more companies will be looking to trade with new markets. All good reasons to make sure your house is in order, where FX is concerned.

I said we had been a bit busy these last 12 months. We're helping an exciting new challenger bank in France to launch ( They plan to be a specialist FX bank for retail and also business customers. It's a great product and I am sure it will be a winning business model. They will launch this autumn in France and intend to follow with other countries soon after. I am pushing for them to do the UK as soon as possible as we need a decent FX bank over here!

I am also working on some exciting projects on the latest distributed ledger technology (aka Blockchains) for R3, the world largest consortium of banks in this space. And we have just started work with a company in the Middle East to help them build a new FX trading division.

So busy times for betterFX, and that, in a very long winded way, is my excuse for ignoring this blog!!