Wednesday 25 November 2015

Bromance, Showmance...what's next

Sitting at my desk with the radio on, 'Bro-mance' and 'Show-mance' both got mentioned....

Before it gets out of hand, I claim all of these as mine...

Sno-mance -   Ski holiday fling
Slo-mance -    Going out with someone for ages without it going anywhere (or relations with a sloth)
Gro-mance -   Couple who met at a fertilizer factory/allottment
Woe-mace -   Tragic relationship / one with 'Wossy' / with a horse that won't stop
Blo-mance -   All kinds of possibilities, polite and otherwise
Sloe-mance -  In love with posh berry infused gin
Doe-mance - Lady deer loving
Foe-mance  - Got carried away with the idea of 'keep your friends close, but your enemies closer'
Cro-mance -  Passion with Russell..or a common bird
Glo-mance -  Love between radioactive folk
Hoe-mance - 2nd allottment option / garden tools enthusiasts
Bow-mance - Ardour between archers or string musicians
No-mance   - Put down to anyone who fails in attempting romance. Separation or divorce
Low-mance  - Affection between not so tall people or with anyone from the Netherlands

running out of ideas now....

XO - mance (Fine cognac infused love)
OhNo!-mance - waking up beside someone you only just met the night before....and now regret

That's enough for now....pls think of some more!

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